Diane O’Callaghan

Diane O’Callaghan is an experienced Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council who now offers psychotherapy sessions from 4.30 pm on Monday evenings at Bath Psychotherapy Practice.

Fees for sessions with Diane are £65.

Training and experience

I am an experienced Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist now offering sessions in Bath. Having originally completed my training in 1996 at AGIP, I’ve since completed more intensive training in 2006 at the BPF in London. I also trained as a supervisor at Westminster Pastoral Foundation.

I have worked for 30 years in mental health and for more than 20 years as a Psychotherapist in private practice. I also worked in MIND affiliated mental health charities for 10 years. Before working in this area, I worked in childcare and community work, both providing valuable insights that have informed my work as a Psychotherapist.

I currently run an experiential group and a supervision group for psychotherapy trainees at Wessex Counselling.


  • I am a member of the British Psychoanalytic Council (ref: 17247)

  • I am a senior member of the London Centre for Psychotherapy now part of the British Psychotherapy Foundation.

Availability and making contact with me

I have sessions available from 4.30 pm on Monday evenings. Fees are £65 per session. You may call me on the number opposite to arrange a first appointment or click to send a request via email. It may help for us to speak on the phone before meeting, so that there is a voice to connect with and so that we can ascertain whether a first appointment is a good step for you. I will respond within 24 hours.

Difficulties worked with

I have worked with people suffering from disabling anxieties as well as feelings of despair and depression, difficulties in relationships and problems of social isolation. Often the root problem behind whatever one is experiencing involves a tendency to be self-critical or very critical towards others. This can then make it difficult to feel sufficiently supported through hard times. You may feel you suffer from low self-esteem. When someone has low self-esteem, they are vulnerable to many other difficulties which can feel harder and harder to combat. This is the kind of difficulty that leads to needing help from the outside. It is impossible to do it on one’s own. Another problem that can be disabling is suffering from severe anxiety and not being able to understand where this is coming from.

In my practice these difficulties are worked on and through in the regular sessions and over time the aim is to achieve a lasting strength and confidence that becomes ingrained and reliable.

Symptoms that I have worked with include:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • relationship issues, including destructive patterns

  • struggling with a bereavement

  • trauma

  • sexual problems

  • stress

  • eating disorders

  • other emotional difficulties

Diane O’Callaghan, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist  Tel: 07779 782374

Diane O’Callaghan, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Tel: 07779 782374

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